Wednesday, April 22, 2015

All Boy

Today we had lunch with my parents at Hat Creek in Georgetown. I found out that their vegan burger is made with Hot Dang grain patties, which are sold at Whole Foods. I will have to pick some up so we can eat them at home. They are made with wild rice and cashews which gives them a really different texture from other veggie burgers.

There is a play area behind the restaurant, but Jackson preferred to hop the fence and go up a tree.

I've found myself falling into the habit of referring to Jackson as "all boy." As in, "He is all boy!" Usually said while he is wrestling with a buddy, building crazy destroyer-robots and smashing them together, or tromping through the woods and getting caked in mud. It's kind of a shorthand language I can use with other parents while we observe our sons happily putting each other into headlocks.

But, he also likes to watch Monster High with his sister. He loves to help me in the kitchen. He holds my hand when we walk together, and he likes a good cuddle before bed. Not that any of those things can be characterized as boyish or girlish. They are what they are. My son is energetic, happy-go-lucky, enthusiastic, he is six and a half. He is all Jackson.

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