Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Jack Allen's Kitchen

We met my parents for dinner last night at Jack Allen's Kitchen in Round Rock. I had noticed a few things on the menu back when I was eating vegetarian that sounded good, but their vegan offerings are pretty slim. I had the portabello veggie fajitas, served with rice and black beans, corn tortillas and guacamole. The fajitas were a little dry, I should have asked for some salsa to pour on them. The guacamole was really good.

I had a vodka with grapefruit juice and sage. It was a refreshing little beverage, although I could not taste the sage, it was more of a garnish.

To sum up, fine for meat eaters and it's cool that they source locally, but nothing special to draw in a vegan. And here is Olivia up a tree.

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