Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Kindergarten Roundup

A quick breakfast smoothie: blueberries, banana, spinach, spirulina, RAW chocolate protein powder.

Off to the elementary school for kindergarten roundup! An emotional time for this mama. While Jackson is my big boy, Olivia is my baby. Besides the fact that she is physically more petite than Jackson was at age five, and I can still easily pick her up and give her cuddles, she did not attend pre-K like he did. So, for the past five years, she has been my little shadow and companion, 24/7. 

But, she is so ready. She is ready to learn to read, she is ready to make new friends, she is ready to spread her (pink sparkly) wings and venture out into the world independently. 

After turning in all her paperwork at the school, we treated ourselves to lunch at her favorite, Juiceland.

For dinner I made two recipes from Vegan Richa. I had been meaning to make her Mozzarella Sticks forever, and they turned out awesome! Can't wait to have them again. The Potato Cauliflower Chickpea Salad was great too, with its sour cream and onion dressing.

A new pack of Play-doh colors is a great investment. For $6 the kids were busy and creative all afternoon.

"We're making pizza. Dad, what would you like on yours?"

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