Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Bluebonnets and Kids' Meals

Thought I would share our annual bluebonnet pics, a Texas springtime tradition, along with some recent meals that Jackson and Olivia enjoyed. To my readers with kids, I am curious, how often do your kids eat the same meal as you do? Or do you serve it to them in a different way or fix them their own separate thing?

Jackson and Olivia both prefer to get their fruits and veggies in raw, bite-sized form. Olivia will eat half a cantaloupe for breakfast if I slice it up for her.

I can't put onion in any dish, or Jackson refuses it. So I have started omitting onions from recipes and using onion powder instead, for flavor. It worked fine in this French Lentil Soup with Tarragon and Thyme, from the Veganomicon.

One reason we eat a ton of Tex-Mex is that my kids love it. They will usually have a cheese enchilada with rice and beans, while I will go with spinach mushroom enchiladas, like these from El Mercado.

Same dish, at Maudie's. I like the grilled zucchini on the side, but I will give most of it to Olivia because she loves it.

Tex-Mex (or just Mex, maybe) at home. Baja-Style Tempeh Grilled Tacos from Veganomicon. Now, there is no way my kids are eating something like this. Too much going on. Too many foods combined.

So I serve it to them deconstructed. A little seasoned tempeh, a little slaw, a tortilla with Earth Balance. And, for extra veggie-tude, a bowl of cherry tomatoes to share.

There are some meals Tony and I enjoy, that they just will not have any part of. For example this Pan-Seared Tofu with Basil Balsamic Glaze (from Celebrate Vegan), served over rosemary mashed potatoes, with leftover focaccia.

So I give them their own separate meal, consisting of odds and ends that I find in the refrigerator. Kale chips, cherry tomatos, 1/2 Amy's bean burrito, and tortilla with Earth Balance.

Whatever works! I think they eat pretty healthy, and their pediatrician checkups and infrequent illnesses reflect that.


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