Friday, January 6, 2012

Vegan Yacht

Just before we went out of town for the holidays, we had a beautiful, sunny afternoon in Austin, just right for eating outside. It was the perfect time to try Vegan Yacht!

The Vegan Yacht is a food trailer that sits in a little trailer court in East Austin, along with half a dozen other trailers selling everything from wood-fired brick oven pizza to Japanese street food.  I attempted to eat at Vegan Yacht a couple of times in the past, but they seem to keep odd hours. I was excited to find them open for business.

I ordered a sandwich called The Leftovers, because it's meant to mimic Thanksgiving leftovers. It contained thin slices of seitan, tomato, lettuce, Veganaise, and cranberry chutney. I really liked the texture of the seitan, nice and chewy. I also enjoyed the mild sweetness from the cranberry sauce. I would have appreciated a higher seitan-to-lettuce ratio -- I found myself hungry again a couple hours later -- but it was a tasty sandwich, and I'm looking forward to trying some of their other offerings soon.

The kids loved eating outside. I will take them on more trailer food exploratory expeditions soon if this nice weather continues.

I just thought Tony's can of Mountain Dew deserved a photo. It was all cute and retro-looking.


  1. i know i said i'm going to be pretty quiet for a while but have to comment on this because i'm so jealous! we want to eat there someday :)

  2. Yay how fun!! Your sandwich sounds so good and so fun! I love the idea of a Thanksgiving leftovers sandwich :) SOunds like a great adventure!

  3. Haha, when my dad had to give up coffee, he took up mountain dew because it has the highest caffeine content, so I've seen those cans around the folks' place. They are cute. Love the grill marks on the sandwich. The, ah, inside sounds good too!

  4. Mmmm, that Thanksgiving sandwich sounds great! And I love your son's blue fingernails ;)

  5. Yum this sounds good I am going to put this food cart on my bucket list for Austin for when I move.