Thursday, January 12, 2012

Art Among the Ruins

Today I thawed out some Lentil Chipotle Burgers (from Appetite for Reduction) that I made awhile back. They are just as delicious when reheated. I also baked some Alexia chipotle sweet potato fries. I wasn't trying to go for a chipotle theme. They just sounded good. Frozen sweet potato fries are my new thing. I gotta have some in the freezer at all times. They turn out so much crispier than when I bake my own fries. I dip them in Veganaise, yum.

Before Christmas, Jackson and I baked Chai Spice cookies (from 1000 Vegan Recipes). They kept well in the fridge while we were out of town and we are finishing them off now. They are so good with a glass of soymilk. You can really taste the fennel and cardamom. Like a gingerbread cookie, but with more heat.

It's cold today, but on a recent nice afternoon, I went to take some pictures outdoors.  I've heard that this abandoned construction site was supposed to be condos. I think we have enough condos -- I love that graffiti artists have taken over the ruins and made it into something much more interesting.



  1. Oh! Love it! That looks a lot like Valencia in Spain. There are great graffiti murals everywhere!