Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Mac n' Cheese Disappointment

Today we were in a snacky mood when lunchtime rolled around. I made some kalamata olive hummus and the Garlicky Baby Lima Bean Spread from Vegan Soul Kitchen. I happen to love lima beans, so it's fitting that this dip was the first recipe I made from this cookbook. It's strong and spicy, flavored with red pepper flakes and, of course, garlic. 

My favorite thing about Vegan Soul Kitchen is not the recipes, however. It's the fact that author Bryant Terry suggests music to go with each dish. His taste is so cool and eclectic. If you want to check out the tunes, Oliver Danni posted the entire playlist on Grooveshark back during Vegan MoFo.

For dinner, I made the mac n' cheese from Happy Herbivore.  I'd been having great results with this book, which I received for Christmas. This led me to have such high confidence in this recipe that I made a double batch. That probably jinxed me. It was gross. The sauce had a weird smell, and it turns out I don't like rice pasta. Or maybe I overcooked it. The package directions said to cook it for like 16 minutes, which seemed crazy. It was rubbery and slimy. I like rice noodles in pad thai, but this rice elbow pasta was not working.

It looks good, right? The kids liked it, so it was not a total waste.

It's movie time...aren't Jackson and Olivia cute and cozy in their new sleeping bags? They love to snuggle up in them and eat popcorn.


  1. my stepsons will usually eat the meals that don't turn out for us- kids are handy that way! lol :)

    too bad it was a fail for you, though. it's always a bummer to have a meal be a disappointment.

  2. I've had the exact same thing happen to me with rice pasta. In fact, one brand I bought actually said that you couldn't overcook it. Wrong! Dead wrong! Also, I think I just don't like rice pasta all that much, but overcooking it sure doesn't help.

  3. That picture of Olivia and Jackson in the sleeping bags is precious! Too bad about the mac and cheese. I haven't attempted to make vegan mac and cheese yet but I'll definitely keep this in mind when I do decide to go for it!