Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Conscious Cravings

On Saturday it was nice out, so we had lunch outdoors at a food trailer park. We are lucky to have these trailer parks around town. Each has a variety of food trailers to suit your mood, plus picnic tables to eat at. They bring the food to your table when it is ready. Besides getting to enjoy the fresh air, the meal cost is usually cheaper than at a traditional restaurant.

We had been wanting to try Conscious Cravings, a trailer that specializes in vegan/vegetarian wraps (depending whether you order dairy or Daiya cheese).

I had the blackened tofu wrap. The tofu was lightly seasoned...I felt like it could have used some more spice. The wrap also contained lettuce, tomato, and vegan mayo. I like that they grill the wrap so it's nice and crispy when you bite into it. We also got a big order of rosemary french fries to share. They were pretty good.

The kids shared a black bean wrap filled with cumin-spiced beans, tomato, lettuce, and a vivid green chimichurri sauce. The chimichurri is great. They also offer a chimichurri seitan wrap, which I'd like to try some time.

Tony had the BBQ seitan wrap. I loved their homemade BBQ sauce. It was really tangy. I think they used a lot of vinegar and maybe some ginger. Good stuff. Tony felt that the seitan was a bit on the "brainy" side, however.

All in all, not a bad lunch, and the kids think it's so much fun to eat outside and people watch.


  1. Ha! Brainy...I like that! I've always described the consistency of certain types of seitan as 'wiggly', but I think brainy may in fact be more accurate.

  2. I think this kind of outdoor food court is an awesome idea! I wish we had them in Omaha, but I suppose their is always the snow and cold issue...:(

  3. I'm so glad you dedicated a post to Conscious Cravings! Hubby and I will be over there for the first time this Sunday!

  4. oh my, this looks SO delicious!!! and what a fabulously fun idea to have this food trailer park!