Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Shawnee Christmas

Since Tony is sickly, I wanted to make him a treat, but not one that would leave him feeling even more sluggish. Katie's Chocolate Chip Blondies were an excellent choice.

Super moist and almost fudge-like, thanks to the magic of chickpeas...yes, chickpeas.  Tony says these are some of the best blondies/brownies he's ever eaten, and I agree.

I also made tortilla soup from the Happy Herbivore cookbook. Great for the sinuses. Tony loved the bold flavor of this soup, too.

I am having great results with this cookbook. Everything is a snap to prepare. Especially when I have my helper in the kitchen.

Olivia has watched Jackson assist me for a long time and now she, too, is ready to step up (onto the step stool).

So, today I'm finally getting around to posting some pics of our Christmas. We went to Shawnee, Oklahoma to stay with Tony's mom for several days.

On Christmas morning, the kids slept in, so we were sitting around waiting for them to get up and see what Santa brought! I know will look back on this occurance with great longing a few years from now, when they are waking us up at 4 a.m. to get going on the presents.

I think Olivia's favorite present was the Christmas tree-scented candle Tony got me. Baby girl is really into candles.

Monster got his annual sacrificial plush toy to chomp on while we unwrapped gifts.

Tony and I prepared a Mexican feast for Christmas dinner, but I forgot to take pics. I made lentil enchiladas, soy curl tacos, and guacamole, while Tony handled the salsa, queso, and chicken quesadillas.

The next day I walked around downtown Shawnee and took some pictures. I like the train depot. It looks like a tiny castle.

Main Street is kind of run down and deserted these days.  Tony's mom said it has been going downhill since the shopping mall was built on the other side of town. It makes me think about what it used to be like, when it was thriving.

Faded signs, abandoned stores...

I don't know the real name of this antique shop. I just call it the Creepy Doll Store...

Old-timey signs...

Cool old theater...

It was a great trip. I always love going to Oklahoma. Hope we get to go back this spring, but Tony is going to be really busy at work the next several months, so we shall see.

Have a great day!


  1. My Olivia loves candles too! She always wants to smell every single kind in the store.

  2. My kids still have to be woken up on Christmas morning. I think they stay up too late the night before from sheer excitement and then are too exhausted to get up. I love the pics of the old part of town.

  3. Sounds like a fun trip! The blondies and soup look so delicious and your kids are adorable as always :) My niece is too young to appreciate the holidays. She couldn't be bothered opening her gifts! That'll change!

  4. All the kids looked too cute opening their presents. And those chocolate brownies looked killer - I hope they made Tony feel better!