Monday, January 30, 2012

Indian Fast Food

Awhile back, I impulse-bought some microwavable Indian entrees at Natural Grocers. The other night I decided to give them a shot.

Tasty Bite Spinach Channa

Sukhi's Vegan Chili Chicken

I really enjoyed the Spinach Channa. Chickpeas in a gingery spinach sauce, very nicely seasoned, not bland but not overly spicy either.

My pic of the chili chicken didn't turn out at all, but it looked pretty much like the photo on the box. Soy chicken pieces in a sweet chili sauce, with little bits of bell peppers and other veggies. It comes with a small piece of naan bread. I liked this dish all right, but the sauce was a bit too sweet. Not spicy at all.  Jackson enjoyed it, however, probably because of the sweetness and lack of heat. And the naan, although fine for scooping up pieces of chicken, had zero flavor of its own.

I like the idea of keeping heat-and-eat Indian food on hand for evenings when I don't feel like cooking, but want something other than a veggie burger. I'll have to check out the other Tasty Bite and Sukhi's flavors.

Jackson and Olivia are at that age now where we have to buy two of everything, when it comes to toys. Racecars or dolls, they really don't have a preference -- all that matters is that Olivia can have the same toy Jackson is playing with, and vice versa. Here they are with Mr. Potato Head 1 and Mr. Potato Head 2. Whatever keeps the peace!


  1. Great idea for those nights you don't want to cook... my kids fight over everything, even if I have two of everything, so I gave that up a while ago- we just set the timer and they have no choice but to give it up when the timer beeps and hand it over...but when they are so young, it's harder for them to understand...I'll have to see if I can find a store around that sells frozen food like that to try!

  2. I have tried some of those and while they aren't earth shattering sometimes they fit the bill.

  3. I've tried Tasty Bites products, and while they're pretty good flavor-wise, they are much too spicy for my sensitive palate! I might like the other product you mentioned because of the lack of spiciness.