Thursday, August 26, 2010

Tofu Burritos

Today I tried another recipe from my new copy of Vegan on the Cheap -- Salsa Tofu Burritos. I love that the recipes in this book are not only money-saving (this dish cost me nothing, as I had all the ingredients sitting in my fridge), but time-saving. I put these together in 10 minutes. For good measure I covered them with leftover Cheezee Sauce from yesterday.

Sooooo good! I will be making these burritos often. They sorta reminded me of the Taco Bell Cheesarito. During my poor college student days when I lived on nothing but Taco Bell and Subway, the Cheesarito was an item that wasn’t listed on the menu, but I somehow learned of its existence, and ordered it on many a hung over Taco Bell run. It was basically just melted cheese and salsa in a soft tortilla.

Have you ever happened upon vegan versions of old fast food favorites? Or tried to create one yourself?


  1. That looks so great! I might have to buy that book.

  2. sounds yummy...def must get this cookbook!