Thursday, August 5, 2010

A smoothie a day...

Good morning! For breakfast, I made a "green" smoothie that actually turned out kind of yellowish brown. How attractive! I won’t gross anyone out by posting a pic. It contained strawberries and peaches. Yesterday I made one using only peaches (no strawberries) and it was BRIGHT green, almost neon. It looked really cool (of course I forgot to take a pic.) But the strawberries make it taste better, so I say, leave them in and deal with the unsightly appearance.

It would be ideal to start off every morning with a green smoothie. But I'm reluctant to run the blender since I don't want Jackson to wake up until after I feed Olivia and get my own breakfast (otherwise it's hard to eat in peace.) For us, smoothies are a usually a lunchtime treat. I was just "lucky" today because Jackson woke us all up at 6:00. I needed some smoothie power to get through the morning!

My basic smoothie recipe
1 cup frozen fruit, any kind
1 cup pineapple juice or soymilk
2 handfuls of greens, any kind
½ tsp. vanilla
a few drops of stevia to taste

Dinner was a "Hot Chick," a recipe out of Comfort Food Vegan, Alicia's great cookbook that my parents got me. You baste a soy chicken (or as we refer to it around here, “sicken”) patty with hot sauce, bake it and serve it on a bun with burger fixin's.

I enjoyed the devilish red color of the patty once it came out of the oven. It sure looked like it would be hot. But, it really wasn't too spicy. It's a good method to give your basic chicken patty a little kick and make it more interesting.

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  1. Tasty looking sandwich. I loves me the faux meat sandwiches.

  2. Thanks for mentioning the giveaway and for all of your entries!