Sunday, August 22, 2010

Mexican Food for the Birthday Boy

I can't believe my little baby Jackson is two years old! It's amazing how quickly he has gone from a sweet, tiny bundle who slept constantly, to a spirited little boy who is very clear about his opinions and wants to do everything himself! My wish for him is that he will always be this sure of who he is and not afraid to express it.

Jackson's favorite food in the world is chips and salsa (just like his daddy), so it was only fitting that we went to eat Mexican food yesterday. We were excited to try Mexican Radio, which has won all kinds of "Best of" awards and offers vegan options of practically everything on their menu.

We got completely lost on our way to Hudson,NY, about an hour away from us. The road was closed and the detour led us deep into the corn fields and back roads...then ended. We couldn't see a sign or anything telling us which way to go! It ended up taking us two hours to get there.

But, we were rewarded for all our navigating and backtracking with an awesome meal. We started with chips and salsa, of course. The salsa had just the right amount of heat and tasted fresh. It was hard to choose, but I eventually ordered the Triple Enchiladas Mole. This way, I got to try all three varieties of mole sauce. My meal consisted of: tofu enchilada with house mole, roasted veggie enchilada with mole verde, and spinach enchilada with raspberry-chipotle mole. They arrived drizzled with vegan crema, yum!

The house mole vaguely reminded me of an oatmeal cookie! I suppose because it was made with raisins and cinnamon. It had a definite sweetness. The mole verde was the spiciest of the bunch. And the raspberry-chipotle mole, combined with the extremely garlicky spinach, had almost an Indian flavor. I liked all three but I think the raspberry-chipotle was my favorite.

Jackson had beans and rice, and Tony the omnivore had some chicken enchiladas with red sauce, which he said were very good.

Baby Olivia is usually pretty chill in restaurants. She knows it won't be long until she gets to join in the eating.

After our meal, we walked up and down Warren St., the main street of Hudson. It's lined on both sides with art galleries, antique shops, little cafes, and old buildings. The Caroline Ramersdorfer sculptures in the John Davis Gallery were fascinating, and the necklaces in Ornamentum were so pretty, I couldn't tell if they were meant to be worn as jewelry or displayed as art.

I liked the multi-colored roof tiles on this old house.

This boarded-up church was sorta creepy.

This doormat caught my eye.

And this little guy made me smile.

I liked Hudson -- it's cute and arty, and now that we know how to get there without any corn fields being invoved, I'm sure we'll go back and check out some more galleries and shops. And I gotta get some more of those mole enchiladas for sure.

Hope you're having fun this weekend!


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  2. Sorry, I left out a key word and my original comment made no sense, so I deleted it (why can't one just edit a comment?). Anyhow, I meant to say that this looks like such a nice day--exactly the kind of activities we like! Food and old buildings!

  3. Fun city review. I love enchiladas. It's so exciting when a place has vegan enchiladas.

  4. Mmm...those enchiladas look incredible, nice choice. I like the chalked fella, too :)

  5. This looks like so much fun! Eames loves Mexican food of all kinds: chips, salsa, burritos, tamales, refrieds, you name it. Of course, the kid will eat anything. Sounds like a great birthday!