Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Summer Randomness

The builder.

The designer.

The Central Market haul. Is it a haul when it's three things? We were really there so Tony could buy beer. I just picked out a few goodies.  I'd never seen this Villa de Patos maguey water.  Maguey sap is said to be rich in prebiotic fiber while other kinds of sweeteners don't really contain fiber. Anyway, the drink was okay, but really too sweet for my taste. I also grabbed some vegan chicken broth powder and matcha powder. Gotta have my frozen matcha latte's this summer. 

I baked some almond-raisin-coconut granola for Tony to take to work since he does not have time to eat breakfast at home. I also made some coconut bacon. They both bake at 325, so I just popped them in the oven together.

I managed not to burn my coconut bacon this time, yay! BLT's for dinner, best sandwich ever invented.

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