Monday, August 10, 2015

New Orleans Part 3

We thought Jackson and Olivia would enjoy riding the ferry across the river to Algiers and back, so we walked down to the waterfront, where we trekked past a huge fountain and a shopping mall in search of the ferry building.

Inside the pretty ferry building. Then Jackson and Olivia had to go potty, so we trekked back across the plaza and into the shopping mall, and then back to the ferry building.

But the ferries run every few minutes, so no worries. We made it on board.

The kids loved the boat ride.

Watching the waves.

From Algiers Point, a nice view of New Orleans. 

Loved this exuberant Louis Armstrong statue. 

Waiting to head back. So hot.

When we got back on dry land it was daiquiri time! We had dinner at the Olde NOLA Cookery on Bourbon St.

I had fried eggplant with aioli, and a Greek salad.

The kids had fettucine alfredo with veggies. I had such a craving for vegetables, I was scooping up whatever veggies they didn't eat from their pasta.

Tony ordered some alligator bites and shared with the kids. I was surprised that they tried it and even more surprised that they liked it!

Back to the apartment and immediately to the pool.

Boiling water...for brushing teeth, washing hands, sponge baths. I was extremely grateful we chose to stay at an Airbnb. If we'd been in a hotel, with no stove, we would've had to check out because we would have had zero access to clean water.

That evening it rained, and I was also grateful for the daiquiri go-cup.

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