Thursday, August 13, 2015

New Orleans Part 6

Last day of our vacation! New Orleans is hot and humid, so we needed do so some serious chilling out. A friend recommended Angelo Brocato's for the best gelato in town. It's a cute old-timey Italian ice cream parlor/pastry shop.

Tony and I picked out some pastries to share. We had a chocolate-covered cannoli, pistachio cream cake, and a cream puff. They were all amazing.

Jackson went for the double scoop gelato cone.

Olivia also got gelato, and helped finish the cannoli.

Next we head to Storyland, located in City Park. It's an adorable playground filled with statues of everyone's favorite storybook characters.

It started pouring as soon as we entered the park. That didn't stop the bold pirates from wanting to explore.

Taking cover in the space ship.

Blast off!

Rapunzel in the rain.

Hiding in the whale's mouth.

Eventually we just had to wait out the storm inside Cinderella's pumpkin.

Once the rain stopped, we continued our tour.

Three soggy little piggies.

Coolest slide ever!

Making wishes. They whispered their wishes to their pennies before throwing them into the fountain.


The rain did not dampen our spirits, in fact it was appreciated because it made the air feel cooler.

We had our final New Orleans dinner at Juan's Flying Burrito. I's not like we can't get Tex-Mex in Austin!

But who could pass up a tiny winged burro? I thought the logo was so cute, I bought a t-shirt.

I had the Supergreen burrito, filled with green chiles, spinach, onion, broccoli, mushrooms, avocado and salsa. That's right, a veggie burrito without beans! My burrito dreams came true.

Stuffed and happy, we retired to the apartment to pack up and take a final dip in the pool. We headed out early the next morning. Although we encountered a few challenges on this trip, I still enjoyed getting to spend time in a new city. The food was awesome and the people were friendly and in the end you cannot ask for much more than that.

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