Thursday, August 27, 2015

Maoz and Bowling

We ate out a lot this month. As it gets hotter outside, I feel less and less like turning on the stove. One day I had a craving for Maoz. Especially their fried broccoli. I can never get enough of that green goodness. 

Olivia and her chipmunk cheeks full of broccoli agree with me.

After lunch we walked over to the nearby playground, but after ten minutes we were all sweaty and miserable. August is definitely time for indoor activities. So we went bowling.

Jackson and Olivia are very competitive with their bowling. They are pretty evenly matched, so there is usually no clear winner until the last frame. That doesn't stop them from asking who is in the lead after every single frame.

But, their enthusiasm is nice. Whether he knocks down one pin or ten, this is Jackson's reaction.

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