Thursday, August 6, 2015

New Orleans Part 1

We recently took a road trip to New Orleans. It was my first time there and I am always excited to spend time in new places. It was a lot of fun. It was also our first time staying in an Airbnb rather than a hotel. That was a good experience as well. After driving all day, the Jackson and Olivia settled right into their temporary home.

We stopped somewhere along the way at a restaurant called Iguana Joe's. It was so good. We liked the garlicky guacamole sauce for dipping chips.

I had the spinach enchiladas with sour cream sauce, which was also super garlicky and good. I did not eat vegan on this trip. I did some research and it seemed like it would be difficult to eat vegan in New Orleans unless you dined at specifically vegan restaurants. One vegan restaurant, Seed, looked very good, but was closed during the entire length of our stay. The others were out of the way or served things like Thai food, which we can easily get in Austin. Tony spent a lot of time in New Orleans when he was younger and wanted more traditional New Orleans food, so those are the kinds of restaurants we chose.

Our apartment was super modern and clean and I am happy to report my wild monkeys did not break anything!

Although I did not cook, our kitchen came in handy for other reasons which I will get into later.

Lots of room to play.

My favorite thing about where we stayed was the rooftop pool. The temperature was in the 90s with high humidity. After walking around outside most of the day, it was soooo great to be able to cool off with a dip in the pool.

View from the pool.

Water babies loved being able to swim every day of their vacation.

From our room we could crane our necks out the window and see Bourbon St.  We actually were on Bourbon St. but on the other side of Canal St., where it isn't called Bourbon St. Anyway we were just a couple blocks from the French Quarter, but far enough away that we could sleep soundly at night.

Tomorrow, exploring the Crescent City!


  1. New Orleans is so great. I cant imagine going in August. You must have a high tolerance for heat and humidity. I would crumble. Hope you at least had a Hurricane.

    1. Living in Austin prepared us for the heat although the humidity was rough! I can see why frozen daquiris are so popular there.