Monday, December 1, 2014

Raw Power

I've switched out my usual rolled oats for steel cut oats, since they're supposed to be better for you, less processed. They do require a slightly higher alertness level in the mornings. Can't microwave them, as they will bubble over and make a mess. So I spend five minutes over the stove, whisking them. Then I stir in flax meal, maca, mesquite powder, peanut butter, and cacao nibs.

Olivia was a good sport about accompanying me on a boring errand (oil change that ended up taking an hour since I needed a belt replaced), so afterwards we treated ourselves to lunch at JuiceLand. She had a banana smoothie, while I tried the raw hot chocolate. It's made with cacao, almonds, coconut oil, vanilla and agave, and it's phenomenal. I'll be hooked on these all winter! We also shared a bag of Just Pure Foods raw onion rings.

Olivia and I both couldn't get enough of the onion rings! We quickly polished off the bag. The only bad part is -- holy onion breath! Good thing I had some gum in my purse!

Olivia always enjoys playing on the covered patio. It's a nice quiet place to chill and let her play.

After finishing her smoothie, she turned into a wild climbing monkey! She was full of raw power.

I had to take a pic of this drawing in the restroom. We have all been there.

For dinner I made a double batch of Appetite for Reduction's 40 Clove Chickpeas and Broccoli. We just had this a week or so ago, but it's so awesome, I want it all the time now.

You can never go wrong with some Iggy. (The original, not Azalea! Ha!)

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