Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Flower Power

Tony brought me some hot pink daisies to brighten up the kitchen. I always love a pop of color!

Jackson made a drum at school, like from Karate Kid II. I don't know what you call it. To me it's just "the drum like from Karate Kid II." Because I am old and 80's movies are my frame of reference.

He was excited to show Tony the minute he got home from work.

For dinner I made the Classic Sesame Noodles from Vegan Eats World, soba noodles topped with a peanut-tahini dressing and pickled cucumbers. Tasty and fast.

Jackson's preschool teacher told me a long time ago to get some kid-friendly scissors and let them go to town, because it is good for their fine motor skills. Sometimes I will give them old magazine pages and they will snip them into pieces. I think they find it relaxing. Tonight they decided to cut out and tape together new outfits for Olivia's Elsa doll.

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