Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas 2014

Is it too late for a Christmas recap? Sorry for my absence, but I am battling a cold that has turned into bronchitis. I think I am finally turning the corner. I hope so...I don't want to start the new year sick!

On Christmas morning, the kids crept downstairs before sunrise to see what Santa had brought for them.

The first present Olivia opened was a new Elsa gown, which she immediately changed into.

Jackson sorted his stuff into a pile and went into a frenzy of tearing wrapping paper.

Legos and more Legos for our master builder.

Olivia's favorite present was a Lalaloopsy doll that, um, poops charms.

While we opened our gifts, Monster enjoyed tearing the stuffing out of his annual sacrificial stuffed toy.

Beginning the assembly. This would become an all-day project.

Pooping charms!

After awhile my parents came over bearing more gifts.

More assembly.

Jackson's gift from my parents, a wrestling cage match.

Showing Grandma her new dolls.

While the kids enjoyed some grandparent time, Tony and I put together the feast. We had tarragon green beans, homemade applesauce, maple dijon roasted Brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes topped with pecans and Dandies marshmallows, baked beans, broccoli rice casserole (from Cookin' Crunk), rolls, mashed potatoes, creamy sage gravy (from Vegan Diner), and corn. There were also ham slices. I was very pleased that everything was vegan this year except for the ham.

The gravy was a highlight for me. I could eat mashed potatoes and yummy gravy all day long, and this is one of the best gravies I've made. It was very black peppery and I am going to try it with biscuits next.

For dessert I made Vegan Richa's salted caramel chocolate pie. YOU GUYS. Make this pie! It's a no-bake pie, so I made it the day before and just stuck it in the freezer. Since I was already sick by this point, I was thrilled that it took so little effort. I thawed the pie for an hour before serving and then kept it in the fridge for the next few days while we finished it off. It maintained a perfect, creamy consistency. The layers of nutty, chocolatey crust, creamy salted caramel, and rich chocolate ganache are just heaven.

After a feast like that, it was time for relaxing in front of the fireplace. Do you like our double Yule log action?

Hope you had a merry Christmas!

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  1. sorry you were ill - such a shame - but the kids sound to have had a whale of a time:) Have a healthy, happy new year x