Monday, September 2, 2013

Vegan MoFo Day 2: Jackson's 5th Birthday!

Jackson celebrated his fifth birthday recently with friends and family. We had his party at a bounce house place.

My parents were in attendance. Note the entire Voltron head on the birthday boy's plate. He couldn't finish it, but he tried.

Olivia went down the slide about twenty times in a row. Sugar power!

The next day, we made a day trip to San Antonio to see some dinosaurs. First we stopped for lunch. I wanted to try Vegeria, but they're closed Sundays, so I searched online and found Green. What a great discovery! We loved this cute all-vegetarian (anything can be made vegan) cafe.

We started with chips and salsa.

We also shared a plate of buffalo tofu fingers. Spicy, chewy, amazing. 

Jackson and Olivia had spaghetti, with fruit.

Tony had the falafel bowl with vegan tzatziki. He raved about the kale.

I had the breakfast tacos, made with scrambled tofu. These tacos were huge! I took one home with me.

After eating our fill we headed to the Witte Museum. We were greeted by a rather arrogant-looking pair.

This little elephant was much more approachable.

The Dinosaurs Unearthed exhibit was the main attraction. Giant, animatronic dinosaurs -- the perfect birthday activity for Jackson (and his equally dino-loving little sis.)

I didn't realize some dinosaurs had fur. Thank you, Dinosaurs Unearthed, for teaching me something new.

Feeding baby dinosaurs, Olivia's favorite of the many games included in the exhibit.

My ancestor?

Not scared of T. Rex!

Digging for dino bones in the sand pit.

Next we headed to the Science Treehouse, which is basically a children's museum on the Witte Museum grounds.

Part of it really is a treehouse.

There are lovely views of the San Antonio River.

On the roof, a sound board to bang away on. Olivia wasn't a fan.

The little greenhouse smelled wonderful.

Inside, the kids experimented with physics.

All in all, a fantastic birthday weekend for my little dude, and the rest of us too.


  1. Green is my favorite vegetarian restaurant! The panko onion rings are divine. It looked like you had a great time in San Antonio!

  2. Happy Birthday to Jackson!! They are getting so big! It looks like a great birthday weekend :) That falafel bowl is definitely calling my name... it looks incredible!!

  3. Happy Birthday. What a wonderful time with dinosaurs and vegan food. I might just have to take a trip to San Antonio one of these day. I would love to go to a vegan restaurant.

  4. Looks like such a fun birthday!