Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Tony's 40th

I can't believe my baby-faced husband is 40! At least he's finally starting to get some gray hairs, so maybe strangers won't think I'm a cradle robber.

For his birthday, we cooked out at my parents' house. I brought a veggie burger with me so I could have my burger, along with simple pasta salad and corn on the cob.

For dessert I made Tony's favorite -- his mom's German chocolate cake recipe.

The next evening, my parents graciously watched the kids so we could go out to dinner with some friends and celebrate. Tony chose Frank for dinner and dranks. I started with waffle fries, served with Cajun remoulade.

Then I had a veggie Chicago dog loaded with vivid green relish and little hot peppers. Yum! I appreciate that this meat lovers' paradise (even their whisky is bacon-infused) offers a separate veggie menu and will always substitute a vegan dog.

Happy birthday, babe!

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