Friday, August 9, 2013

Busy Day

My latest challenge is finding an activity to occupy Jackson and Olivia while I'm on the treadmill because they want to be right there with me in the bedroom. Today, I put out my jewelry box and let them go at it. I loved pawing through my mom's jewelry and trying it on when I was their age, and they are no different. 

Later, on our way to swim lessons, I tried out a new hair salon for a quick trim. Birds is fantastic and I never want to go anywhere else. Their old-school video games captivated my kids the entire time. Not a peep.

We picked up popcorn tofu po-boys from Wheatsville for lunch.

Dinner was Flying Massaman Curry from Vegan Eats World. Massaman curry is my favorite Thai dish, but it's proved difficult to find in Thai restaurants without added fish sauce. Solution: make it at home!

Winding down, working on puzzles. So proud she can do it herself.

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  1. Wow, can I have a bite from that Flying Massaman Curry?! I love curries!