Monday, August 19, 2013

Glow Bowl

Today we did a little glow in the dark bowling. The fluorescent colors and loud 80's music couldn't break my girl's concentration.

But Jackson gets a little loopy when the lights go out.

Afterwards we stopped in to visit my parents. Olivia enjoys her coloring time with Grandma.

Dinner was Masala Potato Soup from Vegan Eats World, served with garlic naan. It was tasty but I have had Indian soups which are just as good and take less time to prepare, so we'll see if this one makes a return.

We picked up these GoodPop Watermelon Agave popsicles for dessert. 


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  1. Ohmigosh I totally need that bowling ball track thingy! My husband's work team just had an event at a bowling alley and I so badly embarrassed myself in front of total strangers. Also, they split us all up into teams of said strangers, far away from our spouses. (I was kinda grouchy) I could only find one 8 lb. ball, and three of us ladies were fighting over it whenever it was our turn. I really needed a 6 or 7 lb. ball. I have no upper body strength. It was left gutter, right gutter, repeat. I did get one spare, and maybe knocked one or two more pins down, but I was the biggest loser, no joke. I did come in third place in lazer tag though. I want one of those ball-track-launchers.