Sunday, August 25, 2013

Meals Out

Just wanted to share a couple of recent restaurant meals before I sign off for awhile to prepare for Vegan MoFo. During the month of September I will be posting vegan food only and attempting to post every day!  
First, Tino's, our usual standby when we're craving Greek food. Tino's has locations all over Austin and we've never been disappointed with it. This time around, I selected spanakopita, tabouli, salad, hummus and falafel patty for my "pick 5" veggie plate.

We also had some baba ganoush with pita.

One afternoon I took the kids to Salvation Pizza to use a Groupon. We started with garlic bread and marinara. The dense, chewy bread comes from Easy Tiger

We ordered a half-and-half pizza. Half eggplant, half spinach. The kids insisted they wanted spinach on their pizza and who was I to say no? The eggplant was my choice. Tony hates eggplant, so I will eat it whenever the opportunity presents itself at a restaurant. Salvation advertises that they sell "New Haven-style pizza" and I'm not sure how that differs from New York-style, but at any rate, it was quite a tasty pie.

The only downside of dining out, as far as Jackson and Olivia are concerned, is that they don't get to dry dishes.

See you in September!

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