Friday, May 27, 2011


For last night's dinner, I tried to approximate a non-vegan dish that's served at a local diner. They call it Love Veggies and it is indeed very lovable. I melted some vegan butter together with minced garlic and serrano pepper, then I sauteed some veggies in it. I used broccoli, green pepper, zucchini, yellow squash, onion, mushroom, and spinach. I served the veggies over basmati rice.

I was in the mood for some hippie food -- simple veggies and rice. This dinner suited my cravings perfectly. I made a lot! Next time I will omit the mushrooms, green pepper and onion. Then I will be left with only my favorite veggies, and we won't have so much left over.

This morning I took the kids to a splash pad. It was kind of an adventure. We arrived at the splash pad and saw a bunch of kids playing merrily under the water fountains. I took my time putting sunscreen on Jackson and Olivia. Just as I was finishing up, the splash pad stopped working. I waited,  watching all the water drain away, thinking it was just recharging or something. But it didn't come back on. One of the other parents called the parks service and found out that it was going to be closed for the next 48 hours for repairs. Oh no! By now, my kids were hot and sticky (and Jackson was covered in sand, having decided to roll around on the adjacent volleyball court) and I did not want to turn around and drive home.  Luckily, one of the other moms told me about another splash pad not too far away. So we headed over there.

Jackson was soooo excited. Olivia is the Pisces, but Jackson is definitely my water baby.

Olivia had fun, too. She does fine with water -- as long as Mama is holding her! That meant that I had to get wet, too, but since it was a million degrees out, I wasn't complaining.

Now we are just waiting around for Tony to get off work, and then the 3-day weekend will begin! Do you have any fun plans? We are cooking out tomorrow, not sure what else. Hope you have a fun and safe Memorial Day!


  1. There's a small water park like that here, too. Fun!

  2. We sure could use a splash pad around here today...and some of those veggies would be welcome too!