Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Baby Animals, Yay!

Hey guys, how is your day going? Today I took Jackson and Olivia to see some baby animals at the book store. First the "zookeeper" read the kids some stories about animals. Then we were led to an enclosed area containing several large, covered baskets. One by one, she took the lids off and revealed the animals. There were bunnies, ducklings, turtles, a lizard, a hedgehog, and two chinchillas -- "the softest animal in the word!" the zookeeper kept saying. It's true. Once you pet a chinchilla you do not want to stop.

Olivia was totally into it, petting whatever animals she could get her little hands on. The chinchilla was her favorite. Its long whiskers tickled her and made her laugh.

Jackson was not so sure. He thought the animals were "pretty" but "I no wanna touch them." After watching several braver kids take their turn, he did get into the little enclosed area to inspect the animals more closely. He still wanted nothing to do with the bunnies and chinchillas, but he held one of the ducklings.

Afterwards, we went for lunch at Bouldin Creek, a coffee house that has lots of vegan options. I had the veggie burger with chipotle-pecan pesto. It has a sweet, smoky flavor, and it's served on a nice crusty ciabatta roll, just the way I like it.

I am having fun playing with my new camera. I like it so far. It's small and cute, and the view screen is gigantic compared to my old one. I need to order a case so it doesn't get banged up or scratched.  Something I never had to worry about with my last camera -- it was a hulk! Once I get the case, I will feel better about carrying it around everywhere with me. I've missed taking pictures the last few days, but I'll make up for that soon enough!

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