Sunday, May 29, 2011

Darlin Don't You Go and Cut Your Hair

We invited a few friends over and cooked out last night. Tony grilled some veggie burgers and corn, and I made a couple of yummy contributions -- the PPK's Creamy Avocado Potato Salad and a rhubarb crisp.

The instructions say not to let the potato salad sit for more than a couple of hours. I would add, don't let it sit at all, if you can help it! I did, and the tomatoes released their juice, and the whole thing got a little soggy. Fortunately, it still tasted delicious -- like guacamole studded with chunks of potato. If you love avocados as much as I do, don't let anything stop you from trying this recipe!

I want to make some modifications to my rhubarb crisp before posting a recipe. The crust was lacking something -- I will add oats next time to make it more substantial.  I love rhubarb so much. Baked in a crisp, it tastes like a mix between a very tart apple and a strawberry. I toss it with lime zest, which enhances the tartness.

This morning, I went to Target and looked for some clothes, but I couldn't find anything I liked. Driving home, I decided that if I wasn't going to have a new outfit, I would have new hair instead.


I was going for a Scarlett Johansson-type jagged bob.  One of these days, I might get around to having it cleaned up by a hair stylist. I would like it shorter in the back.  Or I might just leave it as is. I've never been a spend-hours-in-the-hair salon, mani-pedi type of girl at all. There was only one period in my life that I regularly got my hair cut at a salon, and then they closed down and I didn't try to find another one. I would rather chop it myself when the inspiration strikes. If it doesn't turn out perfect, I guess that's OK because I always seem to wear it up anyway!

How do you take care of your hair? Do you go to a stylist, cut it yourself, or just let it groooow?

Is everyone else having the same problem with Blogger that I've been having for the past few days? It won't let me sign in to post comments or reply to comments. Today I figured out a way around it -- post anonymous comments and identify myself in the comment box itself -- but it's still kinda annoying. I hope they get it figured out soon. P.S. I just realized that if you are having this problem, you won't be able to tell me because you can't comment! Ha.

 Right now I am headed out to enjoy a walk with my little ones. Hope you're having a great weekend!


  1. The potato salad and crisp look so good! I think your hair turned out really nice, too. I've been tempted to cut mine, but just don't want to bother. I get mine professionally cut, but only a few times a year. Otherwise, I really don't do anything with it.

    I was having the same problem with blogger and discovered that it's an Internet Explorer problem. I switched to Firefox and haven't been having anymore problems (plus Firefox is soooo much faster!).

  2. I just always stay signed in to blogger, I am! Although I do use Firefox, so maybe that bypasses the problem.
    I love both avocado and potato so I hope to make that dish sometime soon. Where did you get the crisp recipe from?
    Your hair looks cute! Did you color it too, or is it naturally like that? That article is funny because it's totally dissing Scarlett's hair but I think she looks better with it short. I've been having a bit of a hair crisis lately, in that this is the longest it's been since I was really young (only shoulder length) and it's growing back really curly and thick from a homedone buzz cut. I have no idea how to deal with long(ish) hair! And the humidity does not help either.
    PS I love Pavement!!

  3. YAY thank you both for the firefox suggestion. it was super fast to install and it is working! :)

    foodfeud, pavement is the best! did you get to see them when they reunited last year? i wish i had been able to but at least i saw them a few times in the 90s.

    for the crisp, i played it by ear, but i need to make it again and tweak some stuff. oh and i would looove thick curly hair - mine is so fine. i've been dying it black since i was like 17 -- barely remember my natural color anymore! ;)

  4. New haircut, yay! I'm actually a hair colorist (well, I will be again when my hand heals up) at Maximum FX Salon down on South Congress. We're celebrating our 20th anniversary in Austin this year! Anyway, we are always looking for hair models for free haircuts or blowdrys, or for haircolor at a minimal product charge... to help our stylists try new techniques, etc. It's an Aveda salon, and although I'm pretty biased, I'd highly recommend the place.

    Anyway, if you do get around to getting it shorter in the back, give them a call (472-3331) and tell them that Jessica told you about the haircut model program. I haven't done hair in over 3 months since a crazy injury to my hand, and I really miss everyone!!

  5. thanks jessibot, i will keep your salon in mind. and i really hope you get to go back to work soon!

  6. That crisp looks amazing!!! And your hair is super cute. I'm in the middle of a don't touch it usually ends in a hacking off of hair situation that I never like so I'm holding on until after I'm a bridesmaid in July ;)

  7. I love the idea of using avocado in lieu of mayo - sounds delish! Also - I've been eyeing the Scarlett J. haircut also - it looks cute on you. :) I normally ge a professional cut every 4-5 months - and cut the ends myself in between - the system is almost fail proof!

  8. Hair cut looks great- I wouldn't dare touch my hair with scissors or I'd ruin it and end up crying! Sometimes cutting my bangs is enough to scare me into stopping. I spend hourrssss at the salon (awful, right) because my hair is so long and so thick and it needs to be highlighted, trimmed, and thinned every so often. Potato salad looks great and I just so happen to be going to a cook out tomorrw! :)

  9. Cute new 'do! I have been letting my hair grow and grow with occasional trims to keep myself from looking like a yeti.

  10. Rhubarb is so awesome, isn't it?! There's so much of it at the farmer's market this time of year. I always like oats in a crumble or a crips, too. Sometimes I like to use granola.