Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Swim Lessons

It is summer which means swim lessons. Maybe this will be our last year. Olivia did well in her lessons, now we have the rest of the summer to work on retaining what she has learned.

After a few years of practice, I am finally confident about my pool gear packing abilities. I used to always forget something at home, but now I'm pretty good at just tossing everything in a bag each morning.

Little mermaid.

The pool does not open to the public until 15 minutes after Olivia's lesson begins. For Jackson it can be a long 15 minutes.

When the whistle blows, he is ready to jump in.

Homemade pizza for dinner with cashew-red bell pepper cheeze, basil pesto, and olives.

Plant-Powered Families Chocolate Chia Pudding for dessert. My first time successfully making chia pudding, yay! I like that it's sweetened with dates.

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