Monday, July 20, 2015

Pacific Rim

Morning yoga partner.

I followed up my healthy morning workout and yoga, with some terrible snacks I couldn't pass up at the store. HEB cherry limeade cookies, and key lime pie Oreos, both "accidentally vegan."

Friday evening, Tony and I were going to take both kids to drop-in babysitting at the gymnastics studio. Olivia had been asking to attend forever. The kids get free reign of the gymnastics equipment, plus there is pizza and a movie. Jackson, however, became nervous and sad whenever it was brought up. We reminded him of all the fun activities he would get to do, but he insisted he would miss us and really wanted to stay with us. In the end, we felt that this was a situation where, it would not kill us if he stayed home, and we should respect his feelings. So we cancelled our reservation for two at a more "adult" restaurant downtown, dropped Olivia off, and took Jackson to dinner with us at Pacific Rim, a new casual sushi and yakitori bar in north Austin.

We started with edamame, and mojitos for the grown-ups. My mojito was strong! Thumbs up.

We also noticed some Polynesian drinks on the restaurant website that we were excited to try. I love tiki drinks and there is a distinct lack of tiki bars in Austin. We didn't see them listed on the menu, though. The waitress said they hadn't rolled out those drinks yet. I wasn't sure what that meant exactly, but she assured us they had all the ingredients on hand to make anything on the website. So I had a Mai Tai. It was nowhere near as strong as the mojito and mostly tasted like grapefruit juice. Oh well. I guess there is a reason it was not on the menu yet.

Tony and Jackson shared some chicken yakitori skewers. I ordered a vegetable yakitori. It came without the teriyaki sauce that accompanied the meat skewers. I guess maybe their teriyaki sauce isn't vegetarian? So it was just some veggie kabobs. 

My veggie sushi was delicious and different.  The Hybrid roll was filled with asparagus, inari, and avocado, and topped with roasted red pepper and almonds. Kind of nod to Spanish romesco flavors there. The Gandhi's Inferno roll was filled with asparagus, tofu, and tomato, and dressed with jalapeno salsa. I appreciate that Pacific Rim is trying to do something unique for their vegetarian diners, in addition to the basic avocado and cucumber rolls you can get everywhere. (They have those, too, and they are super cheap on the happy hour menu!)

Tony and I are looking forward to going back and trying some of their other veggie-friendly dishes and maybe sharing a Scorpion Bowl.

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