Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Red Poppy Fest

Here's an outing that I never got around to posting, back in April. Time flies, my goodness. The Red Poppy Festival is held in Georgetown each spring.  We strolled around with my parents.

I like downtown Georgetown.

 It has an old-timey town square with cool buildings.

We stopped to look at the arts and crafts booths. The ones where the artists were demonstrating their work were the most interesting.

But the real reason we go is all the free inflatable rides for the kids. 

After they bounced and jumped to their heart's content, we had lunch at Chuy's. I ordered my usual, veggie enchilada with giant salad. They were out of enchilada sauce, so I was able to sub a guacamole soft taco.

Patio cat!

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