Thursday, July 16, 2015

Superhero Nachos

Our library had a superhero cape-making session today. Olivia and Jackson were happy to decorate their own personal capes.


Jackson did not care to model with his cape. Instead he shimmied up a tree. The cape would've just encumbered him really.

What do superheroes love? Nachos! For the queso, I used the Mild Cheesy Dip from Plant-Powered Families. So good! It's nut-free, but still super creamy and rich like a cashew-based queso. I mixed it with a few spoonfuls of salsa to give it a Mexican flavor. To make mine extra-hot I added some chopped banana pepper and serrano pepper from my garden.

For dessert, frozen blueberries. 

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  1. Your children are just beautiful!