Thursday, January 23, 2014


One cold and rainy Sunday, we bundled up and headed to The Parlor for an early lunch. While we waited for our pizza to cook, the kids received some pool lessons.

Olivia nibbled on garlic bread during Jackson's turns.

The Parlor has all kinds of vegan faux meats that I should've tried, but Tony was dubious, and since we were sharing a pizza, we went for a veggie option: the Gunnar, loaded with artichoke hearts, spinach, raw garlic, and jalapenos. What a killer combination of toppings! And what killer breath we all had!

We found some relief in our beverages, from local brewery Adelbert's.

By the time we finished eating, the weather had improved considerably, to the point where Tony and I could tolerate standing around outside while the kids played in snow. Since the polar vortex avoided Texas altogether, snow was on hand only because the Galleria shopping center imported several tons of the white stuff.

Unlike last year's snow day, when Olivia wanted nothing to do with the cold, wet substance, she got right in there.

Slushy feet, numb fingers, big grins.

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