Thursday, January 9, 2014


Today we went to one of Jackson's favorite parks. The playground is cool, but the giant live oak tree is what makes it his favorite. It's so good for climbing. He shimmies right up like a little monkey.

Olivia, being younger, needs a little help.

For dinner, I made cashew cheese and spinach enchiladas, topped with Hatch red enchilada sauce and black olives. I bought a ton of different Hatch sauces after our trip to New Mexico and I'm still using them.

I also made some roasted chickpeas at Tony's request. His coworker had been snacking on a pouch of them. I'm a little bit amazed you can buy roasted chickpeas at the store. They're the easiest thing to make.

Jackson is really into helping wash dishes. He is so proud when he washes them all.

Giving a little help, getting a little help...both good things.

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