Thursday, August 30, 2012

Jackson's Birthday Dinner

Jackson's birthday fun wasn't limited to his party at Chuck E. Cheese. Since Tony unexpectedly had to miss the party, we had a second celebration one evening when Tony could be a part of the festivities.
First we had dinner at Chuy's. I had my usual, veggie enchiladas.
After our meal, the wait staff came out and sang Happy Birthday to Jackson and gave him an ice cream pop.

Back at the house, we had cake. Jackson requested a fire truck cake this year. Actually, he requested one last year, too! But this year, he specified that it should be in the shape of a real fire truck. I did my best to oblige him.

Then came a few presents.

He is really into dragons right now!

He likes clomping around in his new Monster Feet.

A very happy birthday for an awesome little dude.


  1. oh how fun!!! happy birthday Jackson!! what an awesome cake! that fire truck is adorable!

  2. how sweet he is - and what a cake!!! well done:)