Friday, August 24, 2012

Costco Finds

This morning we met up with friends at the playground to celebrate a sweet little boy's second birthday, complete with cookies and cupcakes. And a Sonic diet green tea for me...I've gotten completely addicted to them this summer! It's so easy to stop and order one on the way to the park. There are worse vices, I suppose.

This afternoon we made our first exciting foray into the world of Costco. Well, that's not true, I made a scouting mission last week, scribbling down prices so I could cost-compare with H-E-B. I'm a nerd like that. A thrifty nerd. Once I realized I could save quite a bit, I went back with the kids and got a membership card.

Now our pantry is stocked with boxes of cereal almost big enough for Olivia to crawl inside, and enough paper towel to last until a few extra goodies.

Two-pound tub of Sabra hummus? Oh yes, Costco and I will get along just fine.

Are you a Costco member? What do you buy there to save money?


  1. I love their salsa, also...I always get that hummus and the pita chips! I mostly joined not just to save money, because we are military and it is cheaper for me to shop on post, but I like buying big huge packages of stuff, so I don't have to shop as often! It's a pain shopping with 3 kiddos:) Welcome to the world of Bulk!!

  2. Haha gotta love the giant tub of hummus! Glad you had a successful trip! I've heard whispers of giant packages of roasted seaweed snacks. I should check that out ;)

  3. We haven't belonged for several years, but used to stock up on the restaurant-size Boca Burgers, the 3-lb bags of Baby Spinach and the Jalapeno Hummus.

  4. I am not a Costco member, but I went with a friend recently who is. I got a huge box of Mary's crackers, and my friend always stocks up on Almond milk.

  5. The red pepper hummus tub is divine! I'm not a member there, but when I do go with my mother, I always get one to snack on all day long haha. I'm a hummus girl. I make my own at home and just pig out with pita chips. Mmm!