Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Jackson is 4!

It is hard to believe, but my little baby Jackson turned four last week.
I had a sense even before he was born that Jackson would be a "spirited" baby, and my premonition proved true. He was so happy and alert -- always smiling and laughing and ready to play.
As he gets older, I am amazed by his energy. His daredevil nature can make me nervous, but I love his enthusiasm and excitement. I hope he always retains his adventurous spirit, whatever life brings his way.
We baked some cupcakes for his birthday party. He did the sprinkles.

We had his party at Chuck E. Cheese. It was Jackson's first time there. He has seen the commercials so he was very excited about it. The monster truck was his favorite ride.

Happy Birthday, sweet boy! We love you.

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  1. Aww happy birthday to Jackson! What a fun party and cute cupcakes!