Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tacos and Snowballs

Today was once again declared "too hot to cook," and we went out to eat at El Chile. I remembered getting drinks at this place a couple of times when I lived in Austin before. Specifically, I remembered them having an awesome black salsa, made with roasted, charred tomatoes. My memory did not fail me. 

That's Jackson on his third bowl.

I ordered the veggie puffy tacos. They weren't that great. The puffy taco shells were greasy and soggy. I ended up just eating the veggies and leaving the shells. I'd go back to El Chile for the chips and salsa and drinks, but maybe go somewhere else to eat.

Afterwards, we headed over to Casey's New Orleans Snowballs for a special treat. Casey's caught my eye when I was checking out Lazy Smurf's guide to vegan frozen treats in Austin. "What is a snowball?" I wondered.

Now that I know the answer to that question, my summer is going to be that much more awesome. A snowball is a little different (better) than a snow cone. The ice is super finely shaved and totally doused in flavor syrup.  It just melts in your mouth.

I got mango flavor. They have tons of fruit flavors, and also some cream flavors that are probably not vegan. Jackson and Olivia chose bubblegum and coconut flavors, and happily sucked them down. These things are sooooo sweet. I got a junior size and couldn't quite finish it. But man are they good.  A sugary frozen treat once in awhile is what summer, and childhood, is all about.


  1. Sounds like you guys had a great evening! I agree, if you can't give your kids ice cream, sno cones are the way to go =)

  2. El Chile has the best salsa. They sell jars of it a few places around town.