Tuesday, June 21, 2011

9 Years

In addition Father's Day on Sunday, Tony and I had another celebration marked on our calendar this week -- our 9th wedding anniversary. It's actually today, but we got a sitter the other night and went out to dinner.

For our destination, Tony chose Moonshine, located downtown.  It's a really cute restaurant and I was looking forward to their good (strong) drinks. Once seated, we enjoyed their powerful
air-conditioning (did I mention we parked a few blocks away and it was 102 degrees out?) and I enjoyed my ice-cold vodka lemonade.

For our appetizer we had grilled artichokes with pimento pepper sauce.

Yeah, I didn't know it came sprinkled with parmesan, but it was easy to pick off.

We had never eaten whole artichokes before.  They are so much fun to eat. You have to tear into each leaf with your teeth and suck the flesh off.  We imagined that we looked like vicious wild animals to our fellow diners. But then we realized a lot of other tables were ordering the artichoke, too, so we weren't the only ones making goofy faces.

For my entree I had the "Bohemian" sandwich with portobello mushroom, red onion, tomato, arugula, and balsamic and sundried tomato pesto. It came with some giant French fries that were pretty tasty. The sandwich was OK, but the pesto made the bottom piece of bread soggy. Like, it was already soggy when it was served to me, which seemed odd. I discarded the soggy piece and ate it as an open-faced sandwich. 

After dinner, we walked around downtown. This is something we have always liked to do together -- wander around, talk, take in the sights and the people. These days, we are usually pushing strollers, but on this night it was just the two of us.  We could even hold hands! We came across this art on the side of a building, which seemed appropriate for the occasion.

I know Tony won't read this, but happy anniversary babe.  Love you.


  1. Happy anniversary! Artichokes are so good. I haven't had one in a very long time!

  2. Happy anniversary! I've actually never had a whole artichoke - just the hearts in a salad - but it sounds like fun to eat. Those fries do look good.

  3. Occasionally when Ryan and I are alone, holding hands, I sort of freak out at how nice it is. We all need to do it more often! I love those kinds of artichokes - haven't had one in quite awhile. Happy Anniversary; you should be proud of 9 years. May you have at least 70 more.