Thursday, June 23, 2011

Souper Summer

Summer brought its beautiful self to Texas in the form of much-needed thunderstorms and temperatures in the low 70s. Aw, summer! I already love you, but that was much appreciated.

After long hours playing outside, we made soup, two nights in a row. Don't worry, Jackson washed his hands first.

Olivia took her usual supervisory spot in the center of the kitchen. Look at the attitude on this one. Nobody puts baby in the corner.

Jackson feels that his "two spoons" stirring method produces superior soup results. Who am I to argue?

Tortilla Soup

Summer Lovin' Curried Corn & Veggie Chowder

Both recipes were from Appetite for Reduction. I'm gonna cook from it all next week, too. Can't seem to put it down. In the tortilla soup, I subbed chickpeas for the pinto beans, due to my allergy. Chickpeas work in everything and I never get tired of them. The corn chowder was so rich. You wouldn't think it came from a "diet" cookbook, not at all.  I would be thrilled to be served this soup in a restaurant. And I don't typically order soup in restaurants. Because it always costs like $5 a bowl, so I'm like, "Eh, it's just soup." I would pay $5 for this soup.

I would pay more than $5 for more rain. But even without it, we will be enjoying this summer to the fullest. Swimming, lemonade, picnics, fireworks, cooking out, road trips. Each morning I step outside with Monster and breathe in that green, grassy scent in the air. Yay, summer! You're here!

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  1. Soup isn't always on my menu, but sometimes it just hits the spot. Those look yummy!