Monday, June 20, 2011

Jackson's New "Toy"

This weekend, in addition to celebrating Father's Day with Tony, Jackson and I had some one-on-one time. This is our weekend tradition where Tony and I each take one of the kids for a few hours for some fun and bonding. It feels great to focus on just one kid at a time and make them feel special.

One of the things Jackson and I did was check out a 25-cent sale at a thrift store. I told Jackson he could pick out some things, whatever he liked.  A lot cheaper than Toys R Us, eh? Anyway, he's one of those little boys who doesn't care about things that are designated as toys.  He would rather make his own toys out of pots and pans, old clocks, a broom, you name it.  So it didn't surprise me when he immediately gravitated to a somewhat unusual object at the thrift store.

Sure, he humored me by checking out the toy selection, but I knew he had already given his heart to that old bike helmet. So it came home with us and he wore it all day. He was so pleased. I think somebody needs a bicycle for his birthday (and maybe a helmet that actually fits him.)

We also found something to add to Tony's little Father's Day gift pile. He makes his own salsas and he was happy to page through this for some new inspiration.

I'm not sure what Tony and Olivia did while we were out running around, but I don't think they just sat around. When I got home and gave Olivia some lunch, she ate a few bites and then this happened.

Tuckered out!

For dinner, we couldn't stand the idea of using the stove (it was 105 degrees outside), so we ate wraps. Wraps are always a great solution when cooking is not happening. Mine had almond cheese, red pepper hummus, Veganaise, cherry tomatoes, pickles, romaine lettuce, and pickled jalapenos.  Do you think I could have stuffed a few more things in there? Ha.

Hope you had a nice weekend!


  1. We ate wraps yesterday too! I love the simplicity of them, and somehow if you stuff a salad inside a tortilla shell, it tastes far more delicious than an actual salad. Maybe it's just me, but I think wraps are pretty magical.

  2. 105, that's crazy. It's not that bad here but I'm thinking wraps tonight too. The salsa book looks pretty interesting - maybe you can get Tony to make you something to top your stuffed wraps with!

  3. Wow, you certainly have the heat, I will take our 85 and humidity over 105. Stay cool! That wrap sounds like us, as we stuff as many veggies as we can in as well. So yummy on a hot day. Love the idea to take the little one to the thrift store, spending time like that would please my boys any day especially when you have a 25 cents sale! Great finds!