Thursday, June 30, 2011

In Which the Tofu Barely Escapes with its Life

As I was writing out my weekly menu and grocery list, I saw a Blackened Tofu recipe in Appetite for Reduction and thought, "Oh, Tony was just asking for that!" It seems I made a blackened tofu years ago that he liked, and he wondered why it never made a reappearance. I don't remember that, but if my omnivore husband goes out of his way to request a certain type of faux meat that he has a craving for, he is damn sure going to get it (which also explains our recent soy curls order.) 

Only later did it hit me. Blackened tofu is broiled. I'm going to have to use...The Broiler. (Cue the horror-movie music.)

Since we moved into this house over two months ago, I have often looked at the broiler with trepidation, but I never go near it. Given where it resides, that is easy to do.

It's under the stove.


For some reason this totally freaked me out. That fiendish floor-broiler was going to take my poor tofu and char it to the point of unrecognizable ash in mere seconds. I just knew it.

I am so silly sometimes, letting my imagination run away with me. Of course that didn't happen.

Blackened Tofu, Shaved Brussels Sprouts, and Creamed Corn, all from AfR. I also oven-steamed some fingerling potatoes with fresh rosemary in a foil packet. Peanut butter-chocolate banana soft serve for dessert.

Whew! From now on, I can use my broiler without fear. It's just a kitchen appliance! What was I afraid of?

Wait...what was that...did you hear something? Down there...near the floor! And it sounds...hungry!


  1. LOL- I love your hesitancy to use the floor broiler. We had one like that in our old house and I miss it. It worked much better than our regular oven broiler!

  2. Haha, cute. Where are broilers usually located, though?? I've only seen them on the floor! They definitely are a bit touchy though.

  3. foodfeud, i was only familiar with broilers that are located inside the oven. this is my first time having a gas stove -- maybe floor broilers are more common w/gas?

  4. I understand your trepidation! When I started using our new stove, I wasn't sure what to expect with the broiler in the main part of the oven. I was used to the floor variety. I'm glad it worked out for you with the blackened tofu!

  5. I just copied out the baked onion rings recipe and now will have to try this blackened tofu before taking the book back to the library!