Monday, November 10, 2014

Zoo Friends

I'm constantly finding discounted ticket deals for the Austin Zoo, so we go there often. Although it is a small zoo (actually an animal sanctuary), the kids never seem to tire of it. Today Olivia and I made a quick visit while Jackson was at school.

Olivia especially loves feeding the goats in the petting zoo area.

We noticed the black goat on the left has an underbite. I'm not sure if it affects his eating, but he was not interested in our food. He grinned at us while his friend munched on food pellets.

Olivia got to make a terrarium and bring it home.

Before we left, we visited her favorite animal, the fox.

Dinner was Ziti with Creamy Radicchio Sauce from More Quick-Fix Vegan. This book is in heavy rotation lately. So, my sauce turned out like more of a glaze, than a cream sauce. But I enjoy radicchio, so I did not mind.

Hope you have a great day!

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