Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Mueller Fall Fest

Fall festivals are a big thing in Austin. Strange, considering how we live a part of the country that doesn't really experience fall weather. Most of the festivals occur in October, when it's still in the 90s. Something feels intrinsically wrong about painting a pumpkin while getting sunburn at the same time. However, this past weekend we attended a fall fest in the Mueller neighborhood and the weather was nice and cool, like an actual fall day! Amazingness.

Bouncing and bowling!

Olivia won a whistle. OH, GOOD.

Petting zoo.

Little ponies. They looked tired.

Taking a break by the lake.

Looking for fish.

Photo booth fun.

Dinner was Spicy Drunken Noodles from Vegan Eats World.  My red chiles were not spicy at all. I don't buy red chiles often, so I guess I don't know how to pick the hot ones. Sriracha prevented the recipe title from becoming a misnomer. Whew.

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