Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween 2014

For us, Friday was a day of major anticipation. Olivia put on her princess costume immediately upon waking, and proceeded to ask me all day long, "How many more hours until trick-or-treat?" Jackson's school does not allow costumes, so he was ready to transform into the Incredible Hulk the moment the final bell rang. But before they could head out to collect candy, we had a quick, two-ingredient dinner.

Harvest-shaped pasta with pumpkin tomato sauce. You can't get much more Halloween than that.

Our first stop was our neighborhood trunk-or-treat. Cars lined the rec center parking lot, some of them decked out with suitably spooky decorations.

Or spooky people, in some cases.

At one car we met Arden, who is apparently something of a local celebrity.

Arden gives high-fives. Also the kids were able to take turns feeding her some sort of dog lollipop.

Other cars had games set up. Knock down pins (or not), and receive candy.

Ring toss, no problem for a Hulk.

Jackson ran into his friend from soccer and they compared their candy hoards.

I tried to corral the kids for a picture, but they were all hopped up on hot apple cider.

After making our rounds at trunk-or-treat, Jackson and Olivia were turned loose on the neighborhood.


Surveying the final haul.

Hope you all had a fun and scary Halloween!

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