Friday, November 7, 2014

Perfect Attendance

This morning Olivia and I attended an awards assembly at Jackson's school, so we could see him be recognized for perfect attendance. He was very excited. He happily clapped for all his friends who received various awards, then leaped up when his own name was called.

The principal shook his hand and gave him his certificate.

Honestly, achieving perfect attendance is not that important to me personally. If one of my kids is ill, I will keep them home. I have too many memories of my parents sending me off to school when I had a cold, sitting there at my desk sniffling into a Kleenex, feeling completely miserable! However, by pure luck and a good immune system, Jackson made it through the first quarter with no sicknesses, and I know it gave him a proud feeling to stand up and be honored with his classmates. 

For dinner I made the Blackened Tofu from Appetite for Reduction, along with some brown rice. I also took leftover mashed sweet potatoes and added a little coconut milk and lime juice, to change up the flavor a bit. A good use of leftovers. I'd make the blackened tofu again but it needs some kind of sauce or gravy.

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