Thursday, November 13, 2014

What I Ate

So this is what I ate Wednesday but I'm posting it on Thursday. Woo.

Breakfast: monochromatic oats with maca, mesquite powder, turmeric, peanut butter and dried mulberries.

Olivia and I met Tony for lunch at Thai Cuisine. I started with some spring rolls with peanut dipping sauce from the appetizer/salad bar. They were especially good today.

I shared my pra ram tofu with Olivia. She also ate her weight in cherry tomatoes from the salad bar.

Somehow she still had room for dessert, sticky purple rice with coconut milk.

I had my leftovers for dinner along with some edamame.

Jackson got his school pictures. Haha! This is what you get when you tell him to smile.


  1. That tofu dish looks amazing, as do the fresh spring rolls. I love Jackson's picture! And Olivia is getting so big!! You have such a beautiful family!