Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Pretty in Pigtails

Olivia's hair is finally long enough to style. She loves her pigtails.

I love them too. I think they make her look like a real little girl. She's definitely not a baby anymore. She will tell anyone who asks, "I TWO years old!" and proudly hold up two fingers.

Today we went to a fun park with a playscape that looks like a giant wooden castle.

Jackson was a good big brother, pushing Olivia on the tire swing.

Then he had a stint as conductor of the wooden train.  All aboard!

On our way home, we stopped at the store and picked up a few goodies. This Curry-Chipotle Salsa, made by Kala's Kuisine, is amazing. It tastes more like an Indian tomato chutney than what I think of as "salsa." I've been tearing up pieces of naan bread to dip in it.

Larabars were on sale. Yum. I don't buy them very often because they are expensive. I've heard that you can make your own. Have you tried this?

Have a lovely day!


  1. Chocolate Covered-Katie's blog has some awesome "raw" dessert and homemade Larabar recipes:

    So easy to whip up in the food processor and roll into two-bite size portions.

  2. I was so happy when I could put Cordelia's hair into pigtails...but she was pretty much a baldy for the first year and a half.

    Never tried making my own Lara Bar

  3. If you do a 'search' for larabar recipes, you'll have lots of choices! I love Olivia's pigtails, and Jackson's a great big brother.

  4. Her hair looks so cute! I love pigtails on shorter hair! I think they look so adorable :)

    I have made my own larabars on multiple occasions. They are actually pretty easy, all you need is a food processor. I actually preferred my homemade ones to actual larabars. You can choose the texture. Mine were made with dates, almonds, coconut, lemon juice and orange zest. really delicious!