Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Bluebonnet Babies

I know Jackson and Olivia aren't really babies anymore, but for the sake of alliteration -- and to ease my apprehension at how fast they are growing -- here are some photos I took of my "babies" among the bluebonnets, which are popping up in fields all over Texas this week, reminding us that spring has arrived.

For lunch I served Mama Pea's Margarita Smoothie, from Peas and Thank You.  Jackson and Olivia thought the salt rim was hilarious. They would take lick of salt, look at each other, and crack up. And repeat. I was just happy they were consuming spinach, albeit in a concealed form.

For dinner, another PATY recipe -- Pad Thai. I've had many delicious and different versions of vegan pad thai (Vegan with a Vengeance has a great one). This one stands out for its nontraditional, yet tasty, inclusion of asparagus. Every spring I'm like "Asparagus is in season! I should eat some." But then I don't buy it, because I'm not sure what to use it in. Problem solved! This was so good.

Thai is one of those cuisines that I don't eat very often, but when I do, I'm like, "Why don't I eat this more often?!" Do you like Thai food?


  1. Beautiful photographs of your babies, you should consider putting these on canvas, perhaps as a collage. They would adorn any room in your home, I know.

    I stick with the basic Thai food, as I do like the flavours, but there are not many veg options eating out - so I tend to cook at home. See this one for instance.
    It was really really good.

  2. Precious photos! I talked with my brother, (who lives in China with his family) last night. He is still with my Dad for a few more days. He was making authentic Thai curry for Dad. My mouth was watering.

  3. Your kids are getting so big. I really don't eat asian food enough.